Ben Hendriks: The true home of the legendary van Wanroy long distance strain

The strain van Wanroy is a/o in China also known as the strain J.B. Hendriks (named after Ben’s father),
who made the strain well-known worldwide,especially by winning the 1. prize on the International
Barcelona race in 1980, a leaden edition! On one of the biggest distances (1240 km) the winning pigeon reached a velocity of 986 meters per minute.


J.B. Hendriks ( † )
Founder of Marathon-Noord
Author of the book: ‘Overnight racing in The Netherlands’.
17 years overall champion of Apeldoorn
1.International Barcelona 1980 and many more
top performances mostly on the biggest distance.

1.Nat. and Internat. Barcelona 1980 (1240 km)
against 13,636 birds; velocity 986 m/pm.


This family of pigeons is long distance strain number 1 in The Netherlands and Western-Europe for many decades already!

Almost every year the titles in the National Marathon and Western-European Super Marathon competition are won by fanciers, where the van Wanroyblood is decisive for their supreme performances.

Almost every long distance loft in West Europe thanks the success to the pure or crossed van Wanroy birds, like for instance the international winners of Barcelona: Kuypers brothers, W. van Leeuwen, J.B. Hendriks, Jan Theelen, C. Vanoppen, Vrösch-Meyers partnership, F. Menne and daughters and Danny Vagenende.

The outer looks of the van Wanroy birds are mostly dark, they have a plume soft as silk, a strong skeleton, supple muscles, beautiful eyes, character and perseverance. It is a strong inbred strain!
Therefore they are ideal to cross for the toughest of overnight races.

The strain van Wanroy is composed from the following elements:
1)      Hansenne, small pigeons, soft like silk with a bronze glaze in their dark pinions.
2)      Hornstra, here again small heads, smaller pigeons and the bronze glaze.
3)      Delbar through Staf Dusarduyn.

Pigeons with a great attribution to the strain are ‘Westerhuis’ (also when paired to ‘90’)
and ‘Oud Vosje’ (line ‘Spin’).

The famous ‘Westerhuis’ H66-1542624
Paired to ‘90’ he sired a/o:
-‘Hartje’ (1. Nat. St. Vincent-South 1970)
-‘Elfje’   (3. Nat. St. Vincent-South 1976)


In 15 years time Jef van Wanroy won 182 prize cards of 242 entered birds on National classics.
He also won many top positions, like a/o:

1.en 3. Barcelona
1.en 7. St. Vincent
1. 4. 21. and 24. Marseille
2.en 9. Dax
3. en 4. Pau


The legendary Sjef van Wanroy in Broekhuizenvorst showing the 1. Nat. Barcelona 1964 (father to ‘90’).



The unfortunate death of Jef van Wanroy followed in 1971.
In 1974 J.B. Hendriks bought the entire van Wanroy colony without any exception, all top stock birds included.

The founding couple became acebird ‘Maaskantkampioen 372’ and the famous ‘90’.

Really striking is, that the van Wanroys really distinguish themselves with real pigeon-weather, hot temperature and head winds.
In 1970 they already showed this at Jef van Wanroy himself, as he won 1. National St Vincent with 'Hartje' ('Westerhuis' x 'Famous 90') and the 'Famous 90' herself winning 7. National.
At J.B. Hendriks this great quality returned, in 1989 on St. Vincent and in 1992 on Perpignan (20. National) as he won 1. prize.
And at Ben Hendriks in 1992 on Perpignan with 2. prize (21. National) and 1. prize of St. Vincent in 1994, 1. Dax in 1995, 1. Barcelona 1995, etc. (this all in Amalgamation level with suffocating hot weather).

The van Wanroys mature quite late, but last a real long time!
In March 1996 the collection of J.B. Hendriks was sold for a huge amount of money.
Most pigeons went to Asia.

To complete the absolute top qualities at Ben's breeding loft, that is founded for many years with only the excellent birds from his dad's breeding loft, Ben managed to obtain some of the most valuable birds at this public sale. Therefore it can be said justly that the noble van Wanroy strain went from father to son and is therefore guaranteed for the future.

photo's: Robert Borneman, Ger Marell, Fred la Brijn, Peter van Raamsdonk, Gerhard Blum, Alphons Eijkelkamp