To cross yourself and bring more speed in the racers, for sure only the best is good enough.

Therefore, at the end of the 2002 old birds season, Ben purchased the great cock ‘Speedy Gonzales’ (NL00-1394640), a cock with an exceptional orientation, who also won great deal of top prizes in short and middle distance racing with bad weather circumstances.
At the end he was also basketed twice on one day long distance.

With real pigeon-weather he won two times 1. in Fed. and 1. and 8. in combine, competing against a/o Marcel Sangers and the Eijerkamp lofts.

This unique cock is for the major part based on the strain Desmet Matthijs.

Especially with difficult races, when only few nominated pigeons are clocked, this topper comes out in the crowd to win a top prize.