In 1964 Jef van Wanroy won 1. National Barcelona with NL60-392092 (sire to '90').
Sixteen years later J.B. Hendriks from Twello (later Teuge), the treasurer of the van Wanroy strain, won 1. International Barcelona.
Forty years after Jef van Wanroy's victory it is J.B. Hendriks' son Ben Hendriks from Apeldoorn who gives the van Wanroy strain this prominent place, that is due to these tyrants.
Because the van Wanroy bird is and stays decisive on the toughest long distance races.
The van Wanroy-bird still dominates overnight racing.
It is shown again and again, like on the National marathons that were won by P. & S. Verbeek partnership (2008), Poeth-Erkens partnership (2007), Simon Zeegers (2005), Gradje Roeffen (2003), Matthieu Cox (2002), C. Vertelman & Son (2001).
Previous winners were a/o M. Verwijlen, H. Wijnands and Son even twice, H. Jongen, Saya brothers, Hendriks-Meijberg, A. Simons, Cuppen-Siebers, G. Dolleweerd, J. Theelen, M. Vervuurt, H. Eijerkamp & Sons, et cetera.
Besides, Gradje Roeffen became even twice 1. champion overnight racing of NPO (Dutch association) before.
This championship was also won by
Vincent Vork in 2010, Gerard Hendrix in 2008, Jo van Deurzen in 2005, Bert Meyer in 2004, Gerritsen partnership in 2003 and a/o Bert v.Bree and Lei Rothkrans.
The Western-European Super Marathon was won by a/o
Aad Kuyt (2011), Rik Stevens (2007), Piet de Vogel (2006) and Kurvers-de Weerd (2005) and furthermore by Wilfried Stiel, Jac. Visschers, Theo Ernest and Jean Bessems.

The strain van Wanroy is a strong inbred overnight strain, that still reigns supreme in the World of overnight racing.


2004 in The Netherlands

  1.Nat. and Internat. Barcelona (Vrösch-Meyers partnership)
  1.Nat. and  Internat. Perpignan (Kurvers-de Weerd partnership)
  1.Nat. Pau (Winter)
  1. Nat. St. Vincent  (18/6) sections 2, 3 and 4 (Schouten, Vermeulen, Koopman)
  1. Nat. St. Vincent (10/7) section 2 and “overall” against 28000 b. (Ria Tieleman)
  1.Nat. Bergerac section 3 and  “overall” (J. v.d. Berg) against 36.619 b.
  1.Nat.Cr. Marseille (Wijman - de Jong partnership).
in Germany    
  1. Nat. Barcelona (K-H. Kanski)
  1.Nat. Pau (K-H. Plum)
  1.Nat. Perpignan (F. Menne eand daughters)
2005 in The Netherlands    

1.Nat. Marathon: Simon Zeegers, Roermond.


1. Nat. champion overnight racing: Jo van Deurzen, Roermond.


1. Western-European Super-Marathon: Kurvers-de Weerd partnership.

in Germany    

1.Europabeker: Rutz & Sons partnership.
2006 in The Netherlands    

1.Europabeker: van Ophuizen-Marell partnership


1.Western-European Super-Marathon:  Piet de Vogel

  1.Nat. Bergerac, section 3 en “overall” against 40.305 pigeons: Mari Rietveld

1.Nat. St. Vincent, section 3: M. van Beers.


1.Nat. Ruffec, section 4: J. Buwalda


1. Nat. acebird overnight racing The Netherlands: ‘Drogba’ of H. Eijerkamp & Sons.

in Belgium    
  1. champion overnight racing: François Struyf
in Hungary    
  1. Nat. acebird of Hungary: son to 96-1617230, direct of Ben Hendriks from ‘Marco’.
in Germany    

1. Nat. champion Internat. races: Wolfgang Emser, Homburg/Saar


1. Nat. Marathon: P. and Dr. H.P. Brockamp

2007 in The Netherlands    
  1. Nat. champion overnight racing:: P. and S. Verbeek partnership, Naaldwijk

1. Nat. Marathon: Poeth-Erkens partnership


1. Western-European Super-Marathon: Rik Stevens (2. Van Ophuizen-Marell)

  1. Internat. Combine North Bergerac and ‘overall’ 33,000 b.: Heinrich Gent.
  1. Nat. and Internat. Perpignan: Vertelman & Son, Hoogkarspel.
in Germany    

1.Nat. Kampioen Internat. races: Rutz and Sons partnership.


1.Nat. Marathon: Rutz and Sons partnership.

  1. Nat. and Internat. Barcelona: F. Menne and Daughters.
2008 in The Netherlands    
  1. Nat. champion overnight racing: Gerard Hendrix, Ysselsteyn.
  1. Nat. Marathon: P. and S. Verbeek partnership, Naaldwijk
  1. Nat. and Internat. yearlings Bordeaux Z.L.U.: Leo Pronk, Breezand.
  1. Nat. Bordeaux, section 2 and ‘overall’ (36,109 birds): Leen Tijl, Nieuwe Tonge.
  1. Nat. Pau: Hubert  Jongen, Kerkrade.

Many section winners on the Nat. races: St. Vincent, Mountaban, Tarbes, Dax, Bergerac and Bordeaux.

  1. Nat. Belgium Danny Vagenende, Smetlede
  1. Nat. Germany  Rutz and Sons partnership, Blieskastel-Altheim
  1. Nat. Netherlands A.P. de Jong, Gouda
  1. International Danny Vagenende
2009 in The Netherlands      
  1.Nat.Tarbes ZLU Ruud Botterweck
  1.Nat. Narbonne ZLU Hans Knetsch
  1.Nat.acebird overnight- racing The Netherlands Peter Wustmans
in Germany      
  1.Nat. Marathon P. en dr. H.P.Brockamp
  1.Nat.champion overnight racing Vincent Vork,Noorden  
  1.Marathon North                                                                 Wim de Ruiter,Loerbeek
  1.Nat.Barcelona hens Comb. Caubergh,Maastricht
  1.Internat.Tarbes Z.L.U Jos Martens,Stein
  1.Internat.Limoges,northern Union Gerard Koopman,Ermerveen
  1.Western-European Super-Marathon Aad Kuyt,Katwijk aan Zee
  1. Nat. St. Vincent Huub Joosten

Many section winners on the National overnight races

  1. Western-European Supermarathon Wim Mudde


  1. Nat. Marathon Gebr. Saya
  1. Acebird Nat. Marathon A. Th. Kop
  1. St. Vincent Z.L.U. Aad Kuyt
  1. Nat. Marseille Chris en Jaap v.d. Velden


  1. Nat. Champion Marathon Alfred van Leuken
  series 3 winner Internat. Barcelona Twan Bongers
  1. Nat. Marathon P. Schurgers


  1. Nat. Champion overnight racing nominated Comb. Verwaayen
  1. Ace-pigeon Nat. overnight racing Comb. Verwaayen
  1. Nat. Tarbes Winkens-Rothenburg
  1. Ace-pigeon Barcelona Z.L.U. 2012-2015 Team Vollebregt
  1. Barcelona Z.L.U. Cees Droog
  1. Nat. and Internat. Pau Z.L.U. Cees Droog
  1. Nat. Marathon Huub Joosten
  1. Nat. Barcelona hens Wim Verbaal
  1. Acebird Z.L.U. Sjaak v.d. Velde en Zn.


1. Nat. Marathon Th. En B. Burgers
  1. Acebird Nat. Marathon Piet Boyen en dochter
  1. Nat. Perpignan Pieter Woord
  1. Nat. Marseille Team Vollebregt
  1. Acebird Z.L.U. Team Vollebregt
  1. Nat. Marathon N.P.O. unnominated H. van Venrooy sr.



For all these fanciers the strain van Wanroy was (partly) involved in their supreme performances.

Many well-known fanciers visit Apeldoorn,
like here Hugo and Wolfram Kipp

What is also very amazing, is that the complete long distance top of Germany has disposal of the van Wanroy strain: Heinz Seegmüller, Kipp and Sons, Raymund Hermes (even a complete round), Friedel Menne and Daughters, Peter and Hans-Peter Brockamp, Bernd Morsnowski, H. Grün, W. Bölting, D. Rass, Rutz and Sons, et cetera.

Belgium: long ago van Wanroys were purchased here by famous names like: Emile Denys, father and son Vanhee (‘Ginetje’ of G. Vanhee was acebird in Belgium) and Gommair Verbruggen.

Nowadays fanciers that win big with the noble strain are a/o: Jos Thoné, vd Poel-Buckley, Thomas Peters and Son, Chr. Vanoppen, Chr. Nouwens, Eddy Stulens, Edgar Peumans, A. Simons and Son, A. Jorissen, F. Vos and M. & J. Borgers.

François Struyf was crowned 1. Nat. champion overnight racing of Belgium in 2006, a/o because of pigeons through J.B. as well as Ben Hendriks.




The two most famous breeding stations in Western Europe, Natural and Eijerkamp, invested two years to get their van Wanroys direct from the source. All over the world it became an unbelievable story of success.

Own performances

In his younger years Ben Hendriks was the younger half of the J.B. Hendriks and Son partnership, a fine school. In 1972 he started racing individually in Beekbergen. ,,My finest successes? In those years I lived in a one-family- house and with a brick-shed where I housed 12 widowers, including only two overnight racers. These two brought me sixth place in the Marathon North National competition.''
As Ben moved to Apeldoorn later, he had his top year in 1983 (after all time still the year of truth). With a big lead he became long distance and old birds champion in Apeldoorn. In the nineties Ben performed great on the International San Sebastian (1150 km) race, entering 4 birds and winning 47. and 80.  National in sector 3 against 7,366 birds. He won a/o the following championships: 2 times 1. not nominated long distance champion in Apeldoorn fed (approx. 500 members than) and 1. and 2. long distance champion in the Salland Amalgamation (1,000 members at the time). Furthermore 1. and 2. super-long distance in the long distance specialists club IJsselstreek (10 overnight races from 800 up until 1,240 km) and 1. oneday long distance champion in IJsselstreek with also 1. acebird.

In 2001 the NL96-1617034 (‘Spin’-line) was crowned 1. acebird overnight racing in Apeldoorn Fed. (ACC). Now in 2005 as a 9 years old (typical van Wanroy) he wins a fine prize on Barcelona.

In the Super Long Distance Club in combine he won 19. against 215 b. National he won 1058. against 7,491 birds. As 10 years old he moved to the breeding loft!

In 2003 Ben again showed his great skills. His NL00-1390909 became best overnight racer in Federation and grabbed second place in combine and also second place in the overnight acebird classification of the very strong long distance specialists club IJsselstreek and 6. acebird overnight in the biggest amalgamation of The Netherlands.
Unfortunaly this acebird was struck by a hawk in March 2004.
Ben became 3. not nominated and 3. nominated champion overnight in Federation and 4. overnight champion in the IJsselstreek long distance specialist club.

The highlight in 2004 was the National top 10 position on Angoulème with a daughter of the acebird in 2003.

In 2005 again appeared the strain lost none of its quality yet.
With real pigeon weather in combine with 4,000 members on the toughest race of the year (probably since many years) St. Vincent (35 degrees and head winds) the serial 2, 3 and 4 was won on almost 1,100 km.
Also Mt. de Marsan, with almost the same circumstances, went great! With 10 entered pigeons and a total birdage of 182 birds in Fed, Ben won 3., 10., 17., 18., 36., 43.
Barcelona is already mentioned and on Bergerac his 1. nominated pigeon won the prize of € 500,- in the exclusive club Fondmatadoren (East-Netherlands).
Especially with nominated pigeon Ben did fabulous, he won a/o:

  • 1. Fed

  • 2. combine

  • 6. Amalgamation  GOU (4000 members)

  • 2. long distance specialists club GOU

In the overall championship of Long Distance Club IJsselstreek, Ben ended fourth.

2006 went normal with again many championships.

The beginning of the 2007 season was bit unlucky, so for some weeks Ben entered on no race. Afterwards the train got on a move again with fine performances like on National Barcelona (1243 km), 1 pigeon entered and 697. against 7,520 birds. This the 1484. Internat. Prize against 25,716 birds.
In National Bergerac Ben’s first pigeon won 92. prize against 15,490 birds.

2008: Nat. Barcelona (1243 km), 1 entered → 988. from 7,043 birds.

St. Vincent in Apeldoorn Fed.:
3-15-24-35 against 188 birds (8 entered)
National he began with prize 120. against 5,682 birds.

Bergerac in Apeldoorn Fed.:
5-36-44-61-80-84 etc. against 833 birds (27 entered)
National he began with prize 243. against 14,372 birds.

2009 and 2010 went normal.
Worth mentioning is the 80% prizepercentage on Barcelona International in last 4 years.

The best performance is delivered from Barcelona.
With only 2 entered pigeons Ben won 325. und 681.  National Barcelona against 7.046 pigeons.
National hens:127 against 2183 pigeons.
Worth  mentioning is the 90% prizepercentage on Barcelona International in last 8 years.

On the leaden edition of Marseille ZLU (2 entered) the result was
Long Distance Specialists club 1.- 194 b.
Nat. 46.- 3,680 b.
Nat. hens 9. -917 b.
Int. hens 22.- 2,455 b.

Quote report Long Distance Specialists Club:

Ben holding the winners.

Marseille was again a race, many fanciers dreamt of.
That is a true classic, always wished for by the real marathon fanciers
The winner of this Marseille is a hen that won prize on every marathon race she was entered. She is made out of the right stuff. Analysing her pedigree, the capacity of winning a top prize is moored into her genes. In 1992 Ben entered two pigeons for Perpignan and with really hot weather they won 21. & 400. National.
The two had the same mother; a daughter to Ben’s base pair Fedor x Claudia; respectively grandson and daughter to the 274(grandson 90 Van Wanroy).
These two pigeons are the parents of the father (Bonfire).
Mother is from the lines of Hartje x a daughter to the 100 ,2x 1. acebird middle distance Fed. & winner of 7x 1. prize; the strain is De Klak via Albert Leever,Delden.
Therefore 75% Van Wanroy and 25% De Klak.

On Barcelona (2 entered) the same hen as in 2011 (142) was winner of:
Long distance specialists club 44.- 178 b.
Nat. 1361.- 6,392 b.
Nat. hens 408.- 2,087 b.
Int. hens 1119.- 7,024 b.

Furthermore it is worth mentioning that Wolfgang and Hugo Kipp won 6. Nat. Barcelona, with a pigeon bred from cockbird of Ben Hendriks from Son St. Vincent 755 x Laura.


On the race from Pau a fine result was listed, especially because the eastern winds blew all the early birds to the coastline.
Long distance specialists club 1. - 132 b.
Nat. 266. - 3,124 b.
Nat. hens 37.-787 b

Quote report Long distance specialists club:

The winner: the Annie

Father of Annie is a son to the Mario, who is a 100% Van Wanroy.
The mother is an inbred product to the 788 (base cock) via sports fiend Jac Steketee.
Results of Annie:
As 2-years old she was first basketed on a marathon race. She directly showed great skills. From 3 races she won 3 prize carda and she was twice 1. pigeon clocked in the National basketing centre. As 3 years old she won a/o 2. regional St. Vincent.
A year after she won against 3 prize cards from 3 marathon races and the total was 9 prize cards from 9 entrees. To that record she now adds the 2013 Pau victory. In conclusion: a super hen.
Another top achievement of Ben is, that he wins a prize percentage of 82% on Barcelona over the last 9 years..

Barcelona turned into a disaster.
The hen 142 returned home 17.30 to win her prize for the third consecutive year.
She landed, looked up scared and flew away like the devils was chasing her. I never saw her again; another victim of the bird of prey.
At the end of the street is over 650 hectare of forest at the palace ‘Het Loo’. That really says all about the birds of prey!
Extra disappointing is the fact that now the 1. prize in Long distance Specialists club was won by Arjan Beens with a bird clocked 19.30; they would have won with about 2 hours lead.
Luckily several descendants house the breeding loft, like for instance her son the 48, in 2014 1. acebird marathon in Fed.


On Barcelona (Nat. 5 entered – 3 prize cards) were won:
Long distance specialists club 2.- 209 b.
Nat. 101. - 5,423 b.
Nat. hens 46.- 1,809 b.
Int. 232. - 21,169 b.
Int. hens 95. - 5,550 b.


Unfortunately a year I spend more time between the sheets of the hospital bed than in the pigeon loft. I went through 4 surgical operations and even spend 6 consecutive months in hospital. Between surgery I competed in 3 races, even though the birds were not let out for training first in the middle of May.
I won some prizes on Bordeaux and Marseille.
On my favourite race from Barcelona the birds returned just too late to win prize cards.


According to Ben many fanciers make the mistake of purchasing birds from successful lofts, that perform fantastically with crossed birds.
The fact of crossing ensures a surplus value (heterosis effect).
Heterosis is the positive influence of crossing on the vitality, the resistance against illnesses and the power of a quick recovery. It is the only way to improve the racing value. Therefore crossing pigeons is of extra value!
Simplified: in crossing 1+1 is not 2 but 3.
Many purchase crossed pigeons; however they already passed the status of extra value.
So if you want to succeed, you must make your own cross and do not buy the already crossed birds.
They already passed the status of 'surplus value'.
At Ben Hendriks it is still possible to purchase the original van Wanroys, and not by devious ways, but direct from the source for a very attractive price!
And many understood that very well, like a/o Theo Lehnen (Germany) and Joszef Peller (Hungary).
In a loft report in 'Die Brieftaube' the best four birds of Theo Lehnen were printed with their pedigree.
They all appeared to be children to four direct J.B. Hendriks - van Wanroy birds, crossed to two Janssen birds and two Meulemans birds.
In the allround category of the South Africa Olympiad the Hungarian Joszef Peller grabbed silver with a son to a direct Ben Hendriks - van Wanroy bird crossed to a Janssen.
This cockbird won eight times first against an average of 1,000 birds in only two years time.
Another example of a  successful van Wanroy cross comes from J. van 't Land from Naarden.
His 'Rookie' was fastest bird on National Bergerac in 2003 against 28,402 birds.
Sire to this winner was bred by Ben. His grandsire is the '305'.


Ben himself won 68. National (section 3). Same goes for the father (son ‘Marco’) to the 4. Nat. Barcelona at Heinz Seegmüller, who also has the fastest serial 2 in the National and the International result.
First on the 2007 Olympiad in Oostende the young Rutz brothers told Ben that their 2. Nat. Barcelona 2004 was bred from a direct cock through Ben.
As now appears, the 2. as well as the 4. National Barcelona winner of 2004 is bred from a direct Ben Hendriks cock.
In 2006 a son to NL96-1617230 (son ‘Marco’), directly purchased at Ben during the Olympiad in Basel, became 1. allround bird of Hungary.