Breeding value

Van Wanroy is a strong inbred strain. Its breeding value is unsurpassed, for overnight racing the strain is unique to cross to other long distance strains as well as crossing it to one day racing strains is ideal for the bit shorter distances, with such crossing Siegward Schubring became National champion of Germany in 2001.

Famous overnight racers in Western-Europe thank National and International successes to pure or crossed van Wanroy pigeons like for instance the international winners of:

Barcelona: Kuypers brothers, W. v. Leeuwen, J.B. Hendriks, J. Theelen, C. Vanoppen,
Vrösch-Meyers partnership, F. Menne and daughters, Danny Vagenende
Perpignan: P. v.d. Eijnden, Saya brothers,  P. en H.P. Brockamp, F. Menne and daughters and
C. Vertelman & Son.

It is striking, that so many legendary stock birds are abundantly provided with the van Wanroy bloodlines:

- Of the Kuypers brothers, 'de Kromme' and 'Spin 807' (father to ‘Barcelona I, II and III’).
Besides, the father to this 807 is again a son to Westerhuis x 90
- '99 Kweker',
'Smaragd I and II' of Wim van Leeuwen,
- 'Superkweker' of Hermans-Hoekstra,
- 'Superkweker' of Jo van Haaren (Piet Heikants foundation hen is a half sister),
- 'Gouden Kuypertje' of Jan Theelen,
- 'Rode 50' of Co Vertelman and Son,
- 'Super Kweker' of Herman Brinkman,
- 'Ben' of Wilfried Stiel,
'Vlekje' of Martha van Geel,
- 'Kleine Donkere' and the 'Black Giant' of Eijerkamp and Sons,
- 'Stamvader 422' of Martien Verwijlen and Son,
- 'Jong Hartje' of Jeu Vervuurt, 
- 'Gouden Koppel' of Harm Vredeveld,
- 'Droomkoppel' of the late Evert Glazenburg and last but not least:
- ‘Blauwe Vanoppen’ of Harry and Roger Wijnands.

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