For more information, please contact:
Ben Hendriks
Koningstraat 89
7315 HV Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
Tel.: +-31-55-5222084

Name: B.J.M. Hendriks, Koningstraat 89, 7315 HV
 Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.
Accountnr. : NL 44 RABO 0103 1950 41
 Adress: Marktplein 40,
  7325DP Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.
   BIC/Swift-code: RABONL2U

Bank transaction costs are to be covered by the client.
If payments are sent from a EU member country in most cases the
shared costs (SHA) will be sufficient and without further costs.


In this advertisement Ben thanked all French fanciers for
the interest in their pigeons at the Lièvin Olympiad in 2003.

Susan Yu as translator in Ben’s stand in Beijing

Contact for China:
Susan Yu
Phone.: +32 - 497918695

Contact for Japan:
K. Yasuda Good Pigeon Center
Phone: +81- 6 - 6229 0530

Contact for U.K.:
John Wheatcroft
Phone: +44 - 1773810323
mobile: +44 - 7759103024

Contact for Hungary:
Kapcsolat Magyarorszag
Martha Bochdanovits-Nagy
Phone: +31 73 - 5479021

Kontakt dla Polski:
Co i Kasia de Vries-Pastor
Phone: +31 255-523989

Contacto  para  Portugal
Fernando Castro
Phone+:49 4903 9158282
                   mobile +31626300001
e-mail :

Agent for Middle East, Asia, Africa

Architect Ihab Ahmed